Bustle is a mobile app which aims to reward millions of Presto users, support local businesses, and reinvest in Toronto's transit system. (Presto is a Toronto-based electronic payment system for transit that removes the need for cash, credit, or tokens.)


Bustle App

Connecting you to more of the City of Toronto.


Earlier this year, I was working on a transit app to solve a convenience factor with Presto—but out of that, "Bustle App" was born. Here's my rendition of the story... or maybe it's a rant because it sounds a lot less positive than it did when I was writing this.

Let's get real for a second: Toronto's transit infrastructure is crap. It's getting better—don't get me wrong but from it's 2017 report, the TTC still needs a ton of funding to speed things up or one step closer to New York or Hong Kong level. Pour example, "Please hold the handrail." Psssh, the TTC doesn't give a shit if I hold the handrail.

I believe that one of the most stressful moments is when your trip/commute doesn't go according to schedule. What if you woke up late and you had allotted time to add value onto your card that morning but if you did that when you got to the station, you're unable to catch you bus/train? That's like the worst way to start any day. 

That being said, the one thing that I knew would make the tech savvy generation's commutes easier was to have integrated Apple Pay. I also wanted to be able to whip open the app, get real-time updates on my balance, add value, share the pass when not in use, and at some point, be able to purchase goods. So, I guess you could say this was inspired by Hong Kong's Octopus Card


Our goal was to help people reap rewards and savings. Understanding our users' spending habits and transit needs will help us to develop a recommendation algorithm that works best for each person.

We're in the early stages of development and have surveyed close friends, family, and local commuters where we've built a user profile and analyzed patterns from our competitors. (View survey.)

user profile

  • Current Presto cardholder

  • Daily commuter

  • 20s-50s

  • Busy lifestyle

  • Living in core of Toronto

  • Prefers eating out and shopping


Bustle informs transit riders of business deals nearby and shares profits with the businesses and TTC. We're partnering with the TTC who will advertise our app to riders increasing our user base.

Our competitors do not share profits with local business nor partnered with the TTC. They're trying to maximize their revenue at the cost of limiting their reach. Examples: Riderefund, Groupon


As the sole designer on this project, my focus was on usability and simplicity. So, we took the app idea for another spin in the washer, and came out with an idea that helps the user, the TTC, and local businesses! We wanted to have simple but dynamic features that make our users' trip worth it. By implementing: location finder, transactions, and advanced search tool and notifications.

I planned out what features were needed: 

  • Signing in
  • Transactions
  • Location
  • Search
  • Using the reward(s)

The rest I cut. This way we can develop and ship the app faster and keep it simple and accessible to users.


Design & Testing

Bustle's design is driven by simple, clean features that incite users to keep using the app.


I also created and illustration all the artwork, icons, and buttons.

Below are some of the artwork designed for a presentation to visualize how Bustle could be the app that helps fund the TTC, riders, and local businesses. I chose vibrant colours to make a statement of how bold and determined this project and our city is. 


Our goal was to build a sustainable app that helps transit riders, local businesses, and the TTC. The CEO of the TTC, Richard McLeary, met with us and wants to continue developing the app.

Designing Bustle was a great experience for me. I got to apply my skills on a problem and learn how the transit infrastructure operated, about local businesses, and the TTC ridership.