Annie is a problem-solving mastermind who can make your wildest dreams come true.

She’s also an empathetic go-getter with a witty, fire-cracking charm. Her transformative journey began soon after she realized that everything that she put energy into was a fitting-in choice—socially and culturally.


When she started investing in herself, Annie took advantage of her creativity and innovative mindset when forging her own path. This created a lot of friction growing up and so, she’s spent most of her life putting together the tools on her belt to prepare her for the future she’s building: a global movement.

Annie is passionate about riding the unpredictable waves of technology; advocating great design 'across the universe'; bridging communities together through language and communication; and being a role model for women and designers looking to grow in their careers.


She wants to empower all women to love themselves fiercely so the right environment to thrive in becomes our reality.

By shifting our mindsets, we’re stepping into our own power—to stop being afraid to rise to the occasion; to set ourselves free, and to never 👏🏻 f*cking 👏🏻 settle 👏🏻. Annie’s current focus with the Women United Project is to create a culture of belonging with ourselves, at home, at work, and in the world by mastering our minds.

Like Brené Brown, Annie also wants to live in a world with braver, bolder leaders. All her work is pushing forth a movement to let women know: WE CAN HAVE IT ALL! 

The pressure’s on because pressure makes diamonds!