Presto, a division of Metrolinx, is growing larger and larger with every passing day. The TTC has finalized their decision to phase out the Metropass by expanding Presto's limitations and merging the Metropass' benefits into the Presto cards. While that's great and all, we're still lacking one thing: the convenience of an app.

iPhone X Mockup.png

Presto App

With Apple Pay integration, you can go anywhere.


Right now, every Presto user has to open a browser, type in "", press enter, and sign-in to see an overview of their account(s). With technology at our disposal, and as a daily commuter, having all my passes at the reach of my fingertips is not only convenient but also helps to reduce more waste.

  • With a official, trusted Presto app, frequent and/or daily commuters can:
    • Manage their account(s) (ie. check balance, add or transfer funds, etc)
    • Track the number of usages/month (and receive free rides after # rides)
    • Add card to Apple Wallet which allows balance to be updated instantly instead of "within" 24hrs


  • Typeform survey results
  • Website features
  • Self-use
  • Worker at the TTC

How did you conduct the research? How did you develop interview/survey questions (providing topic map can help)? What are the key findings you derived from the interview/survey? Who is the user? Include persona image, describe their goals and limitations.

This is also a good opportunity to talk about any relevant domain/competitor research. What other products solve a similar problem? How do they compare/contrast? What other products exist in this domain/industry?


This is where you can include your feature list and user flow, generously peppered by affinity diagrams, sketches, whiteboard sketches. This is where you can include storyboard, use cases, user stories.

What features are required based on what you know about your user? How did you prioritize those features? Add images that illustrate your thinking.

Design & Testing

When it comes to UX design it’s important to see iterative process, so make sure to include your low-fi and mid-fi sketches & wireframes. Show how designs changed overtime based on testing sessions.



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This section can include anything from a reflection of the UX process you went through to important KPI/business results and user satisfaction.