is an enhanced language platform for international professionals who are looking to compete in today’s diverse English-dominated job market. Nearing the top of their local industry and equipped with only conversational English, they’re starting to sense their professional limitations.

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Creating a landing page and interactive webform.


This is a commissioned project I worked on earlier this year.

One of my biggest goals is to work on more projects that are able to help and/or be useful to the users. When I was approached with this idea, I immediately said 'yes' because I love learning new languages. The way I feel about learning another language makes it easier for me to feel connected to the world and the cultures within it.

Since English is an international language in the workforce, the idea of was so obvious. 

Ideation & Design

At the time, I was trying out a lot of survey apps like Survey Monkey, Typeform, Google Docs, and QuickTapSurvey. I really liked how simple to use Typeform initially was and the interaction with the webform stood out the most. I wanted the tutors signing up to be engaged and think of as a cool, language platform that was made by people for people.

I approached my design by focusing on 3 



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