$tash app is a fin-tech app which helps users to save, invest and understand the industry. I worked on creating the brand's identity and logo. Saving money has never been fun and $tash aims to revolutionize that aspect. As the creative, I had the chance to experiment with different illustration styles. I concocted Walé, a cool, blinged-out walrus mascot, to help strengthen user engagement. Walé's unique moustache serves as the official logo and foundation of $tash's brand identity.

Wale_2 copy.png

Stash App

Start saving money like a badass.

Every fintech app I've ever used always had the same features and very few were extensively useful. Usually, after awhile, I'll either forget about the app or stop using it because I've been bombarded with notifications. It's also not very engaging. We want to make Stash different  by being more personal, engaging, and actually useful.

So, we asked a couple of questions:

  • Who are we targeting? Who is going to be using this app the most? 
  • What are their major concerns about fintech? What do they feel like fintech apps lack?
  • Where are the users using their fintech apps the most? Why there? Is security a priority for them when using the app?
  • When will this app be the most useful? Which part of their day? 
  • Why do they need to switch or start using Stash?
  • How are we going to benefit our demographic? Should there be an incentive? How are we going to be different than the other fintech apps?