This project for TOPB0Y was to create a creative logo that was true to the client. The logo I designed is a ambiguous face that reflects a simple and natural. The reason for the ambiguous face is because TOPB0Y is also a community of people.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 6.16.39 PM.png


Logo & Branding


For this project, my research consisted of a few things:

1, Get the 'A' to your 'Q'

I think this is the most important step in the research portion of the project. If you're not asking questions about the client or the kind of work they do, it's hard to create something that will reflect their best interests... because news flash: it's not about you. I believe in working on the same side of the team when presented with projects.

Lately, I've found myself more immersed in the world of social media—specifically Instagram. I found so many valuable content that is very relatable (ie. comics), and discovering artists and techniques to inspire me. So, when I was presented with this job, I couldn't turn it down. I loved the idea of exploring some of my unchartered territory.

My research for this project was mainly looking at similar social media accounts that had the same trajectory and body of work—and of course, the source of all sorcery: the client himself.

2, Establishing Brand Perception / Vision

When TOPB0Y and I were talking about vision. I think it wasn't clearly communicated because he was just starting out and at that point, sometimes the vision is too broad or the lines are blurred. \

Sketch & Iterate

This is my favourite step because the final logo wasn't... the first one. I actually delivered the first official logo solely based on what my client was describing to me what he thought his vision was. And I'll admit I was naïve and was trying to crowd-please when I should've had hard evidence that the first logo good for fun but not a relatable (nor captivating) brand image. I listened to my instinct and did some further digging.

After seeing TOPB0Y's and similar work, I remember communicating to him about how I felt the logo wasn't a true reflection of his work and the stories he wanted to tell. I decided to rescind the first logo and started working on the next one right away. It's the one now you see today—there were several renditions of the logo and placements of "TOPB0Y" within the logo.


I'm happy with the final result of this logo because it can translate to a brand if needed.