VRSNs (pronounced “Versions”) is a non-profit organization founded by Annie Ngu and creative partner, Kelly Goldfeder. VRSNs is on a mission to educate and raise awareness for mental health. Specifically, encouraging our community to be more conscious and work endlessly towards better versions of ourselves from every angle.



Logo & Branding


I was listening to a podcast one day and I was thinking to myself that I should start giving back to the community. I came across a women who was in her 50s or 60s, I forget her name, but she had a story that shook me to the core. She was bankrupt, with a son, and the father was in jail. Her life began when she realized that she only had $11.47 to her name and she couldn't afford diapers for her child. LISA NICHOLS

Sketch & Iterate

When I first started this project, I knew I was going to call it "Versions of You." I had two concepts prepared that I wanted to incorporate: profile silhouettes and punctuation. I liked the idea of the 'semi-colon' movement and wanted to emulate a similar idea. So, I sketched out my ideas for a comma, a period, and quotation marks. Since the name was called "Versions of You." I wanted to illustrate the separation and connection between a person's inner growth. I used bright, primary colours to make a drastic separation but they also pair well together, and when mixed together, the combinations are endless like a painter's or foodie's palette—insatiable.


I believe that the logo should be reflective of the company/organization's vision and it should also be able to grow with it as well. I felt that adding text was the best way to initiate recognition but I also wanted it to be as subtle as possible. 


I think I realized what my vision was very early in the process. I like using illustrator to try different ideas simultaneously with what I had